Friday, November 11, 2011

Upcoming Album Mastered by Acclaimed Engineer, Ryan Morey(Arcade Fire, Cat Power, Beck, The Weakerthans)

We are excited to announce our upcoming album will be mastered at
Rye Bread Mastering Studio in Montreal, Canada
by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Cat Power, Beck, The Weakerthans)

We will be in Montreal, Canada, November 16th - November 21st, if you're there let's hangout!

About the Album:
It's a concept album that explores the emotions felt of the typical "20 something youth"...
"the wanderer" or "the clueless academic wanderer."
The songs trend from angst to enlightenment: artificial bliss to natural inner peace and understanding.

Release Date: March 2012
(Pre-order information will be available soon!)

Track Listing
1. Jam Song
2. Mushroom
3. Immature
4. Quixotic Pleasure
5. Running Down the Alleyway
6. Love Will Take Our Minds
7. Run to the Hills
8. Indie Love Song
9. Let's Blame it All
10. Rain Dance (Part 1)

Martin y Amanda

Join us here...

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